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03/11/2015 Retour de Pau

Lena nous propose ses impressions suite aux 4 étoiles de Pau du 21 au 25 oct. 2015

The trip to Pau is one of the brightest moments I have experienced in France by now. Those 5 days were full of spectacular moments and events, physical activity and fresh air.
Right after arrival, we went to the sport center to look around and get to know the place better. I really liked the “village” with all its touristic attractions, small trading tents and expositions. I was most of all impressed by iron horse status which were created and presented by a blacksmith. I even had an opportunity to try a lottery from the organizers.

First we watched Dressage. It was quite a pleasure as the riders were so elegant, precise, and beautiful. I realize now how hard work it is and how much time one should spend mastering their skills.

Then, we discovered the whole world of Cross by walking almost 6 kilometers on foot, checking each obstacle and path for the future competition. It was interesting but tiring. However, the Cross competition itself was unforgettable. The riders were just flying, sliding, fleshing on their horses in front of our eyes!

Still, my favorites are Jumping and Attelage competitions. Attelage I had never even known much about before. Watching those performances, I was impressed by their skills and complexity. One can also say that it is some kind of art. As for Jumping, I am always amazed and impressed by it. Watching it makes me want to be able to do the same too. As high as possible. The whole 5 days were worth of waiting for this last part of the competition. I am definitely a fan now and will follow it in future.

Also, I was lucky to see famous riders closely. Some of their horses looked so beautiful, strong, and smart.
To sum up, I appreciate this valuable opportunity.